ESL Class Information – Winter 2013-2014

Orientation and Registration


Off Campus Morning Low Level Class

 BSEPESLflyer ESLPathwaytocareertraining HilltopESLflyer (2)

Downtown Afternoon High Level Classes



One Response to ESL Class Information – Winter 2013-2014

  1. Ila M. Atlaia says:

    Last Tuesday May 15, was my first in ESL class. Class was start as usual, 12:15 to 2:55 Monday thru Friday. Karrie is still my teacher and I really like it. Most of the student from last quarter were there. There are few new student came this summer quarter. After the introduction, Teacher told a good story, story about a woman who blind, and can’t walked. Her name is Carol Decker and she is a good speaker. She also believed in life in moment, and goals. I studies some vocabulary, such as, booth, escalator, crutches, briefcase, chandelier, and rarely. Than, I was studies the grammar, These study are from student book page 59 -61. Next, I was wrote a paragraph with four things, topic, topic sentences and conclusion, and title as well.. My paragraph title was “There is Time for Everything on Earth. Next, I got from the a homework, there was story of Noah Webster. In the story there are some exercises about vocabulary, comprehension and grammar. There was nice day and there was day one.

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