A New Paragraph with a New Tool

Hi Everyone,

Start this afternoon by brainstorming for a new paragraph. Write your name and the date in the top left hand corner first.

1. Use the brainstorming software I demonstrated to try something new. Come up with at least 10 ideas for your paragraph.

2. Choose your favorite 3 ideas.

3. Write the three supporting sentences.

4. Write a topic sentence.

5. Write a concluding sentence.

6. Write a title.

7. Go back and look for a way to use one of our new phrases from the detective series (if you did not do this already). Put the phrase in bold.

8. Underline all of your verbs.

9. Double space your writing.

10. Print your paragraph and hand it to me.

After you finish all of this, you can work on the time clauses again and also look at phrasal verbs.


Time Clauses

More Time Clauses

Phrasal Verb Game


Family Roots





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