About Karrie


I have taught many levels of ESL at Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington for 15 years. Before that I worked at several different Washington colleges and also for brief periods in Germany and China.  I earned a TESOL certificate from Western Washington University and a MEd-TESOL from Seattle University.

I post here once a week to review what we learned in class and give you ideas about more practice to improve your English. Remember that learning a new language takes time. Spending time outside of the classroom will help you improve much faster.

If you’d like to read an older blog I made of my trip to China, please click here: http://octoberinchina.blogspot.com/


8 Responses to About Karrie

  1. Anh says:

    Oh,Hi Ms. Boss,
    Did you get a promotion, right ?
    Sometimes, I wonder why don’t you have your own website to teach English and then I’m really interested in getting it. The layout of website is very clear, simple, and easy to find lessons.
    Pictures were beautiful and charming. And your photo is really nice, gentle with smiling. That’s wonderful. I’m going to learn a lot of lessons from your website. Thanks a lot and Congratulations!
    Anh Nguyen

  2. Volodymyr Laur says:

    We started our new books week. We reviewed simple present, present continuous and the modal verb ‘can.’ We described what people are wearing, what they do regularly and what they are doing right now.

  3. Ila M. Atlaia says:

    Hello and Yokwe to Karrie,
    Wow your website is very nice. Well you been working hard for us so I thank you very much.
    This beautiful website will make us easy to studying english language.
    Again Karry Thank you and Happy nice spring break. If I remember correctly you are plan to travel to other place, so have a nice save trip.
    bye bye

  4. galina says:

    Dear Karrie. I want tell you about me .What i doing right now.I take care of my father,i cant to come to school.I did not forget you i would like to see you.If you have time you can write me i am going to be happy from Galina Jalba.

    • Karrie Zylstra says:

      Hi Galina! I’m so happy to hear from you! Please call me at 680-7304 so I can talk to you. I miss you in class.

    • Anh Nguyen says:

      Hi Galina & Ion,
      I missed two you in class this quarter! I know what you’re doing and are you learning English yourself at home? You can go Karrie’s website to study. Come on, Galina! How about Ion? Say “Hi” to him for me. Thank you. Good luck.
      Anh Nguyen ( anhphunguyen@yahoo.com )

    • Karrie Zylstra says:

      Hi Galina! Please do call me on the number I sent in the Christmas card. I have something wonderful for you. Merry Christmas!

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