Fraud Prevention Review, Power Point and A Short Week

Remember! We have no class this Thursday because of the Independence Day holiday on July 4th.

We will have a short test on the verb tenses this Wednesday. You will need to know all 12 tenses. We will practice more in class today and tomorrow.

Last Thursday we had a visitor. Jean Mathiesen spoke with us about Fraud (scam) prevention. She also said that there will be a free budgeting class on Tuesdays: July 16, 23 and the 30th at Pt. Defiance Senior Center. If you are interested, please let me know so I can tell her. If we get enough people interested, we may even be able to do a class here at Bates.

Today we’ll work on your presentations by working on your PowerPoint slides. Please follow these directions:

1. Be sure you have finished your paragraphs or essays.

2. Circle 2-4 words in each sentence (or paragraph if you wrote an essay).

3. Use the words to create one slide for each sentence (or 2-3 slides for each paragraph if you wrote an essay).

4. Then follow my example to add pictures. You may need to email me some pictures or bring some from home.

Here is a video you can watch at home for more information about PowerPoint. Our presentations are very simple but I wanted you to have more information in case you need it in the future:

After you have finished this, if you have more time, you can work on the following:

1. Work on spelling and vocabulary. These are the words about Consumer Smarts and computers from last week.

4. After practicing vocabulary words, go to the reading site. Choose any one reading and do the exercises with it:

5. Review the grammar tenses for our test. You will not need to remember the conditional.

6. Practice the Ventures site. We have finished this book but you may still find the exercises helpful.

Finally, you can work on extra writing and listening exercises if you have the time. I chose a listening practice about driving for you.

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