Fraud Prevention, PowerPoint, and Past Progressive

This week we will have a guest on Thursday the 27th. Jean Mathisen, the Program Director for the AARP Washington Fraud Fighter Call Center will come to speak to us about fraud prevention. Remember that fraud is stealing from someone by lying.

Here is more information about the AARP program:

Today you can work on these assignments for class:

1. Create another slide in Microsoft PowerPoint after watching me demonstrate. You can watch the same video here. This tutorial is different from last week. It has the newer version of PowerPoint.

2. Then type your paragraphs from last week and fix any mistakes. Email them to me and also give back your first drafts. Next week we’ll be using these to create your PowerPoint presentation.

3. Work on spelling and vocabulary. These are the words about Consumer Smarts and computers.

4. After practicing vocabulary words, go to the reading site. Choose any one reading and do the exercises with it:

5. Practice grammar with past progressive tense and work on time phrases. Remember you will need these to write your autobiography or about your trips to your favorite places.

6. Practice the Ventures site. We have finished this book but you may still find the exercises helpful.

Finally, you can work on extra writing and listening exercises if you have the time. I chose a listening practice about money for you.

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