First Day of Summer in May

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first day of summer quarter. You may want to check out this list of summer activities from the Tacoma Parks and Recreation. They have wonderful ideas about what you can do with your friends and family.

Today in class we talked about cultural space and watched the video of the ‘Close Talker.’ Here is the video for you to watch again if you would like. Remember that watching and studying television and video can improve your listening and even speaking ability.

As I meet with all of you to go over your goals for the quarter, please write a few sentences (level 3/4) or a paragraph (level 5/6) about the close talker. Answer these questions:

1. How close do you like to stand to people when you talk? (please answer in feet or inches)

2. Do you like to have more space for men or women?

3. Do Americans sometimes make you uncomfortable with their cultural space?

If you are writing a paragraph remember you need:

A title

A topic Sentence

Supporting sentences (answering the questions above)

A concluding sentence

You can copy and paste these questions onto a Word document and type your answers. Remember to put your name and the date in the top right hand corner. Print or email it to me.

If you are staying for the second class, please take this grammar test and print your results:

Then practice your listening with these audio clips:




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