Final Project, Coffee and At School

We have only three more weeks of class before we begin testing on April 29th. For those last three weeks, we will work on a final project to practice your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We will each make a family book with pictures and writing about eight of your family members. Some of you will write a little and some of you will write a lot about your families.

Here is the link to the video we tried to watch in class last Thursday. Watch it and fill out the notes handout I gave you. You can repeat as many times as necessary for this practice. Turn the notes paper into me when you finish.

Here is the spelling practice for our reading today:

Here is the spelling practice for our grammar chapter this week (At School):

Here is a video with grammar lessons about “want to.”

Here is the practice from our new textbook. We are now on book 2, unit 2:

Some students requested more practice with word endings and use:

We are still working on irregular verbs this quarter – here is some practice we did last quarter:

Irregular Past Tense:

You can continue your writing practice here:



Listening Practice:

Keyboarding Link

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