Our Last Night for the Year at Goodwill

Hello everyone,

As I told the students last night, I will not be teaching at night again next year. I have loved working with you all but it is too much for me to teach from 9 in the morning until 7 at night.
Arcelia asked if she can still use my blog. Please do! I will be posting for my classes at Bates Technical College but you are still welcome to keep using the links on the home page or the rest of the site.

I talked to several students last night about I-BEST programs at Pierce. I-BEST means Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training. In these programs you learn ESL together with your professional classes. At the end of these programs, you have finished your ESL AND earned a certificate in a professional program. Most of these programs accept students at level 6 ESL. Some will accept students at level 5. I strongly recommend you begin an I-BEST if you can find one that meets your interests and needs. Many programs will help you with financial aid and childcare.

Here are links to I-BEST information at 3 local colleges:




Bates Technical College also has a similar program for truck driving (CDL). If you are interested, contact Beth Prevo. Email her at bprevo@bates.ctc.edu.

Here’s a link to Tacoma Community House. They have translation, interpretation and ESL classes for the lower levels:


Here’s a link to the games I found for tonight. You might like to do these with your kids later:


Here is spelling practice for the poem you wrote on Wednesday:


Here is grammar for you to practice to help you remember what we’ve studied this fall:




And here’s a video about a boy with a big goal to climb the world’s highest mountain.


I hope you all climb your own mountains, dear Goodwill students. Maybe you want to learn English to get a better job or maybe you just want to feel more confident. Whatever your goals, I wish you well and I would love to know how you are doing. You can email me anytime at kzylstra@bates.ctc.edu.

Happy Holidays to you all! Remember that the Goodwill class begins again on January 8th at 5pm.

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