Tutoring, Inspiration and Articles

First, check out the Bates tutoring center here:


The Tutoring Center is in the same room as my office. Greg Cook will come to speak with us at 2pm on Thursday. ESL students can begin using this service now and continue to get help with their English and Math as they move through the higher level classes at the college.

Second, take a look the information about a speaker coming to Bates:


Carol Decker will speak to students and staff on Wednesday, October 18th about her challenging experience with sepsis. She lost her sight, two legs and one arm because of a serious illness. She works hard to overcome her disabilities. I think you will find her a very good speaker and you may be able to find some courage for yourself. I will be there on Wednesday and hope to see you, too.

Here is a video of her story. It is 25 minutes long. You can move to the end of the video to see the most inspiring parts. I am hoping that you can use her story to help you with the difficult task of learning a new language.


After you look at these, take a look at the grammar practice I’ve put on the classroom exercises page.

Remember that you need an article for single count nouns. Here is what I wrote on the board:

a/an/the + Single Count Nouns

the or nothing + Plural Nouns

the or nothing + Non Count Nouns

Please feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to ask a question or tell me something you would like to learn more about.

Have a spectacular week!

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