Scholarships, Art and Practice

First, check out the Bates scholarship application here:

Some students are ready to fill this application out. If you would like, you can use our computer time to work on this now. Please remember this resource as you continue your studies.

Second, take a look at this local artist with his work at the Tacoma Public Library very near to our school.

The library downtown always has art displays open to the public. I especially enjoyed this work by an artist who lives here but came from Mexico many years ago. If you are interested, we could visit sometime this week as a class.

Then, click ‘leave a reply’ below. Write three things you learned from our talk with Karin Kelley last week. If you did not talk to Karin please go to the next step.

Finally, please see the Classroom Activities page to practice the grammar for this week.

Have a wonderful week!

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2 Responses to Scholarships, Art and Practice

  1. Anh Nguyen says:

    Writing three things about Ms. Karin Kelly.
    Last week, Ms Karin Kelly was my class’ guest. My teacher invited her to class help us speaking and listening English in a conversation about her life.
    She lived in the suburb when she was young. She could drive a tractor, ride a horse.
    Her farm was planted a lot of vegetables like corn, cucumber, squash …….
    And in the future, she will live in the small village in Mexico when she will be retied.
    I hope my teacher will invite many guest, so we will have many chances to practice in English.
    Thank so much, Teacher

  2. Hanh Nguyen says:

    I was glad to meet Mrs. Karin Kellex in our Esl class , who had been in the farm for 30 years when she was young. She left there to Gig Harbor city. Her dad, brother, and her friends were farmers . All of their lives were in the farm . They fed sheep, milk cows , and grew grain. She knew how to make electric wire fences for sheep couldn’t jump over. she could diver tractors, she could ride hoses too. Although living in the farm was difficult and hard , but it was good for health.

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