Welcome Back!

We are starting classes again on Monday the 10th, and I’m excited to see you all. The downtown class will be in room A318 for levels 4-6. This is in the main building down the hall from my classroom last fall. It has been newly remodeled and will be a beautiful space for us with windows looking out over 11th street and the trees that are now turning the colors of fall.

ESL Downtown Fall 2012

I also have a class planned three mornings a week at the New Tacoma Apartments. This will be for levels 1-3. I am still working out the exact days and times but we plan to start on September 17th.

If you are interested in either class, please call or come see me. My office is in room E302, the same place I was in summer quarter.

You can check the documents page to see our syllabus and the plan for the downtown class. We will be working on all the skills again – reading, writing, speaking and listening. We’ll also do a short focus on pronunciation this quarter.

I’ll add information about about the New Tacoma class next week.

Again, I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Monday.

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2 Responses to Welcome Back!

  1. Anh Nguyen says:

    Hi Teacher,
    I knew that I was too late for registration but you wrote “We are starting classes again on Monday the 10th, and I’m excited to see you all” (from Welcome Back) and I think I will still have a chance… Can I go to see you at noon?
    Have a good day.
    Ahn Nguyen.

  2. Karrie Zylstra says:

    Yes, Anh! Please come to class today. I’ll be in room A318 near our old classroom in the main building. See you then:)

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