The End of Summer Classes Downtown

I am very happy with all the work you did this quarter. Most of you I will see September 6th in room E302. A few of you are studying healthcare with me near Portland Avenue. On July 24th, 25th and 26th, we’ll have a substitute named Paula Emerson-Glade while I’m at a conference in Yakima.

Here’s a link to the schedule for my conference if you want to know what I’ll be doing:

Paula will focus on Mathematics for the healthcare field while I’m gone. Next week I will post the materials she used so you can review them if you like.

We have been talking about reading strategies in our healthcare study and I wanted to post a few resources here. Remember the two reading strategies we discussed in class:

1. Look for context clues, the words in the reading that describe the meaning of the new words using parentheses, commas, dashes or explanations in the next sentence. Read everything through before you use your dictionary.

2. Look for the main idea of the paragraphs. In American writing, this is usually in the first (topic) sentence.Everything that follows will relate to (connect to) the topic sentence.

In the beginning of this post, the writer gives you more ideas about understanding words without using a dictionary:

And here is another link to information about reading strategies Try these to improve your reading without needing to stop and use a dictionary.

Again, if you can let go of your need to know the exact word in your first language, you will learn MUCH faster. Remember that you can learn something in a new language without knowing the words in your first.

If you read this, let me know how you are doing while I’m gone. I’ll check this blog and answer you if you post a comment.

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