The Last Week of June

We can now move back to W205! Hurray!

We studied the unit about Your Environment from the green Workplace 3 books. We learned about speaking in an elevator etiquette and invitations. We studied the grammar for directions (imperative) and for suggestions (using ‘let’s’ or ‘why don’t’).

True story

We read true stories about Jesse Owens and volunteers.

Writing workshop

We looked at our writing binders and wrote more pieces this week. We used correction clues to edit four mistakes in each piece of writing.

The first group looked at the verb ‘to be.’

The second group reviewed how to construct paragraphs and looked at unrelated sentences. This group chose concluding sentences and worked with the construction of ‘there is’ or ‘there are’ sentences.’ They wrote a description of the room.

The upper group studied more about denotations and connotations of words and wrote a description of the classroom.

We also continued our study of the parts of speech and learned more about pronouns. Here is the link to the pronoun video if you want to watch it again.


We studied anger, a scholarship, an athlete, extremely, to wonder, to be born to, a suggestion, to relay and further.

Many of these words came from the story about the athlete Jesse Owens.


Use ‘reply’ to type and post ONE of your writing pieces from last week.

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