The Third Week of June

We are still meeting in W203. We may be able to move back to W205 on Thursday.

We studied the unit about Leisure. We learned about orderlies in the hospital and about past tense verbs.

True story

We read true stories about Jazz, Tornadoes and Tumbleweed. Some of the words we saw included twist, rip up and path.

Writing workshop

We looked at our writing binders and wrote more pieces this week. We used correction clues to edit four mistakes in each piece of writing. We studied how to construct paragraphs and looked at unrelated sentences. We underlined the topic sentences, supporting sentences and concluding sentences in different colors to help learn about paragraphs. The upper group studied adjective order and looked at denotations and connotations of words. 

We also continued our study of the parts of speech and learned about pronouns. This week we will watch a video about pronouns. Here is the link.


Last week we studied baby shower, wedding shower, housewarming, twist, rip up., occur, path, funnel, and swept.

We did not have a test because Pam taught for two days while my son was sick.

Many of these words came from the story about tornadoes.


Use ‘reply’ to type and post ONE of your writing pieces from last week.

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