Last Week of May

Last week we continued to study.

We studied the unit called “Around Town” this week. It began with a picture of a train station. We learned ‘how long’ and ‘how often’ and used adverbs of frequency.

True story

We read true stories about Mount Rushmore and Coca Cola this week. We learned that a druggist made the first Coca Cola.and a few

Writing workshop

We looked at our writing binders and wrote more pieces this week. We used correction clues to edit four mistakes in each piece of writing. I was again very happy with the way everyone began correcting their own mistakes and helping classmates.


Last week we studied to carve, to complete, an appliance, a sculptor, a challenge, amazed and equipment.


Use ‘reply’ to type and post ONE of your writing pieces from last week.

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2 Responses to Last Week of May

  1. Anh Nguyen says:

    Hi everybody,
    My writing pieces from last week “A Bear”
    Did you ever see a bear? When I was a child, my mother led me and my sister to the zoo and I saw a bear. This is an animal with a big body, furry hair and sharp paws.

  2. Hanh Nguyen says:

    Last week , I learned about a story : mount Rushmore , this story told about a work of sculptor Gutzon Borglum , who carved the faces of four American presidents in fourteen years. But he died shortly before it was done, and his son finished this work.
    About Grammar : I learned irregular verbs, comparatives and superlatives adjectives.

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