Testing Week

This week we began testing. On Monday and Tuesday we practiced the listening, speaking and writing tasks. On Wednesday we had our speaking test and today we are doing our writing test.

Assignment: Post a reply. Write about these questions: What did you learn this week? How did you feel about the speaking test yesterday? Are you practicing successful tests next week in your mind?

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8 Responses to Testing Week


    I learn morr new thning. I learn abut asking question and writing at this same time .and oll so wriet a paragrpe therr sentan. this is what i learn on this week

    • Karrie Zylstra says:

      Hi Mary-

      Here is a rewrite. I corrected for your spelling. Also, please remember to write in the past tense when talking about last week (learned not learn). We will work on spelling next quarter as a class.

      “I learned more new things. I learned about asking questions and writing at the same time and also wrote a paragraph with three sentences. This is what I learned this week.”

  2. minh says:

    This week I learned about healthcare and test, we participated about asking test and writing about test for today

  3. Nguyen,Hanh says:

    This week I learned about health : Vocabularies, chills, allergies, a bad cut , chest pains, high blood pressure, a rash, a sprained wrist, a stiff neck, a swollen knee, an x- ray, a bruise, asthma…
    Grammar, I learned modal verbs: will would, shall should, can could, may might,
    have to (must) + base verb
    I learned unreal condition : If I won $1,000,000,000, I would …
    I felt uneasily about the speaking test yesterday, because my partner was a Moldovan, both of us couldn’t understand how to pronounce together.
    Yes, I am practicing successful next week. I hope passing this test . Bye!

    • Karrie Zylstra says:


      It’s ok if your pronunciation wasn’t perfect with your partner. I was very pleased that you all were speaking as much as you did.

  4. Ila m Atlaia says:

    I just want to thank my teacher for tough me and encourage me to study hard. This week I was predicated for the test. On Wednesday I took the listening test and no Thursday writing test. I was really excited even thou I will not get the good score but I am happy and thankful. This coming week its another week to busy. I will continuing on testing and doing register for coming summer quarter. I hope its will be another exciting week.

  5. Galina says:

    last week was very busy week .I went to at session where was only for lady was explanation why did you need to learn English ?I meet my oldest friend.Next i had three appointment all family was sick.After that the doctor called my you need to came in the hospital.Where was explained about my pain. Finally i hope for the future have only good news about my health.

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