Goals and the End of the Wizard

This week we worked on 4 topics:


We continued working in our new books this week. We covered the Unit 2.  We learned about ‘want to’, ‘need to’ and the future with ‘will. We talked more about goals and how these connect to the verbs we studied.

Your Brain

We finishedThe Wizard of Oz to practice speaking, listening and writing. The Scarecrow gets a diploma to show he has a brain, the Tinman gets a ticking heart to symbolize his own heart, the Cowardly Lion gets a medal to honor his courage, and Dorothy gets to go home. The characters in the movie all find that they had what they were looking for all along. Dorothy says, “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!”

 I pointed out to you that often students tell me that they don’t speak English. They tell me that they don’t speak English while they use English to tell me. Please remember that you have everything it takes to learn a language and keep working to get even better.

We also learned that stress shuts your brain down. I showed you a picture of an article from the Scientific American magazine.  Here is a link to a short description of that article. I coudn’t find the picture we used in class. Remember to relax to learn more!


A Writing Focus

For this part of the class, we divide into three groups. One group studied how to make sentences, while the second group reviewed how to write paragraphs. The second group is using the Great Paragraphs textbook. A third group started to student how to make questions this week.

Remember to study those editing clues. Here are the more for example:

WW = wrong word; example = The country has many religious. Correction = The country has many religions.

Prep = preposition; example = I go shopping in Safeway.  Correction = I go shopping at Safeway.

It is important that everyone in both groups knows and understands the correction clues so each person can make corrections in his or her own work. Teachers now know something interesting. When students correct their own mistakes, they learn faster and become better writers.


Finally, we studied these words. Then we took a test. Many of you did very well with Pam as your teacher since I went to a workshop at Tacoma Community College. I’m sorry I made a mistake on the test! I’ll check your sentences and give them back to you after the break.

an hourglass, to crash, to drop the price, a monitor, a bulletin board, to rescue, achievable, comprehension


Comment on this post. Tell me what you learned before spring break. Then tell me where you went and who you saw over the spring break! Was it fun?

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6 Responses to Goals and the End of the Wizard

  1. bong oh says:

    What did you do last week?

    Iam the had 2011year incom tax report for the tax accounting offced.

    I had appointment Rehabilitation met the Doctor for in Tacoma Hospital.

    I am house haas outside garden with arranged, and hair cut the barber shop.

  2. Ina says:

    I learned about Present Time. We worked in group. I wrote a couple sentences. We also learned that stress shuts us brain down. We finished The Wizard of Oz to practice speaking, listening and writing.
    My spring break was perfect. I spend with my children. We walked at new park, it was near us new home. I had too much time for relax.

  3. MINH says:

    last week i went to shopping with my son at mall, i spent 200 $ after that i rode his go to Seattle .I had good dinner with my family at space needle

  4. Galina says:

    In my class i have a bulletin board .In my living room i have an hour glass.On the computer table i have a monitor. I like to buy from garage sales,because the sellers want to drop the price.I went to the store, i bought shoes for my children.Sunday i went at church.I had a program for children a celebrating Jesus is risen.

  5. Anh says:

    Hi everybody,
    Last week, I had a week off because this was Spring Break. I had more time to learn English. On the website of Karrie, I learned http://www.pronouncian.com and http://www.usalearn.org. I specially like two websites because they was helpful for me to train listening, speaking. At the weekend, my family
    went to Sequim to visit the mother-in law of my daughter and we had a party on Sunday because of Easter Day. Sequim is a small town, colder than Tacoma and reserves for the elderly! We had a nice trip. That’s it.
    By everybody.

    • Karrie Zylstra says:

      Ahn, I am glad you enjoyed that break and that those websites were helpful to you. It’s interesting that you went to Sequim where I once lived. My husband and I were just talking about going there!

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