Descriptions and More of the Wizard

This week we worked on 4 topics:


We started our new books this week. We covered the Welcome Unit and most of Unit 1 in Ventures 2. We reviewed simple present, present continuous and the modal verb ‘can.’ We described what people are wearing, what they do regularly and what they are doing right now.

Your Brain

We are still watching The Wizard of Oz to practice speaking, listening and writing. The movie is about a girl named Dorothy with a dog named Toto. They go on a journey and must find their way home again. On the way home, they meet others with goals. Dorothy has met the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. Volodymyr noticed that the Scarecrow was smart when he got the tree to throw apples. They went to the Emerald City where the Wizard told them they must get the witch’s broom. After we finish, we will think about the message of the movie.

A Writing Focus

For this part of the class, we divide into two groups. One group studied how to make sentences, while the second group reviewed how to write paragraphs. The second group is using the Great Paragraphs textbook.

Remember to study those editing clues. Here are the more for example:

WW = wrong word; example = The country has many religious. Correction = The country has many religions.

Prep = preposition; example = I go shopping in Safeway.  Correction = I go shopping at Safeway.

It is important that everyone in both groups knows and understands the correction clues so each person can make corrections in his or her own work. Teachers now know something interesting. When students correct their own mistakes, they learn faster and become better writers.


Finally, we studied these words. Then we took a test. Many of you did very well.

a score, a league, exciting, within, nylon, popular, to invent, excitement, a series, a winner


Comment on this post. Tell me what you learned this week. What do you remember the most?

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3 Responses to Descriptions and More of the Wizard

  1. Ina says:

    Hi Karrie,
    I was learning in this week a lot of things. I had have a perfect conversation with my classmates. I learn new words. It is a very well for me.

  2. Galina says:

    `Last week i learned about 3 things; Risk, Passion, Resistance . Tabita had a passion a play a piano.For me was a risk when first time drove a car.

    • Karrie Zylstra says:

      Galina, I especially like the way you use the vocabulary to talk about your daughter and driving a car. I hope that you can apply the ‘Take the Risk’ video to learning English!

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