Money and the Wizard (week two)

This week we worked on 4 topics:


We studied Unit 9 of Workplace Plus 2. We learned about words to use in a bank and studied dialogs about banking. Remember the key phrase from this unit was “I’m interested in _____(verb + -ing).” You can use this when you are shopping for something more expensive.

Your Brain

We talked more about how your brain works. Last week we used a socket on a string to show how you can focus with your mind to make very small muscles move without knowing you are doing it.

We are watching The Wizard of Oz to practice speaking, listening and writing. The movie is about a girl named Dorothy with a dog named Toto. They go on a journey and must find their way home again. On the way home, they meet others with goals. So far Dorothy has met the Scarecrow and the Tinman. After we finish, we will think about the message of the movie.

A Writing Focus

For this part of the class, we divide into two groups. One group studied how to make sentences, while the second group reviewed how to write paragraphs. The second group is using the Great Paragraphs textbook.

Remember to study those editing clues. Here are the first two for example:

VF = verb form; example = I am go home right now. Correction = I am going home right now.

VT = verb tense; example = I go home last night. Correction = I went home last night.

It is important that both groups know and understand the correction clues so you can make corrections in your own work. Teachers now know something interesting. When students correct their own mistakes, they learn faster and become better writers.


Finally, we studied these 5 words and verbs. Then we took a test. Many of you did very well.

a withdrawal, a deposit, a signature, to sign, to endorse, to become, to keep, to get, to go, to see, to write


Comment on this post. Tell me what you learned this week. What do you remember the most?

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7 Responses to Money and the Wizard (week two)

  1. PING LING says:

    I was sick last week, I stayed home. I ate Cold medicine. I slept a lot .

  2. Ila M. Atlaia says:

    I went to say thank you Karrie for this website. You’re just doing a great job. I will learn lot from this website. Again thank you.

  3. Volodymyr says:

    Last week I learned about words to use in a bank and studied dialogs about banking.

  4. Tong Duong says:

    Dear Karrie!
    Last week, I leaned about the bank. I can go take to the bank for deposit, withdraw, and endorse. I studied irregular verbs ( about 18 group)
    Thank you for your help.

  5. Ina Apanasevich says:

    I am so sorry that I was absent last week. I made hard job for child care for my daughter. It was a long proses. I would like to pay from DSHS because I don’t have money for Child Care. It is expensive not only for me but for any people in USA. Now I am having Child Care. I found Belorussian woman who opened Child Care. She made traditional food, speak Russian. I like it. I hope that my daughter to like Child Care.

  6. Anh Phu Nguyen says:

    Hi Teacher,
    Last week, I studied Unit 9 – Money – there are words and verbs as a withdrawal, to make a withdrawal, a deposit, to endorse, to sign, a signature, to go, to keep, to become, to get, to see, to write. I also learned this pattern “I’m interested in …… ” for the conversation at the bank. But “The Wizard of Oz” to practice speaking, listening and writing, I just understood a little of movie because it’s very difficult to listen to me.
    I belong the second group, I learned some paragraphs to find a main idea, a topic sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding. I also learned to use a comma, a period, a question mark and a exclamation mark correctly. That’s it.
    Bye Teacher. Have a good day.
    Anh Nguyen

  7. Nguyen, Hanh says:

    Last week, I had Spring break, and It had some sunny days,too. I did many things such as: I cut grass around my kitchen, I planted many fruit trees that I bought them at Home Depot. I vaccuumed rooms in my house, I did laundry, I went to market. I relearned some old lessons,too. I prepared better for the new quarter. Words that I learned : about vocabularies, Checking,saving account, make deposit , withdrawal, endorse, signature,score, league,winner…,about grammar ,comparative adjective, superlative adj. and past tense…

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